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Paul Brumbaugh  
  Director of Team Sales
 (317) 516-5610
Patty Jones  
  Team Sales Associate
 (317) 516-5602

Paul grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and began playing tennis at age 12.  He graduated from Indiana Tech with a degree in Business Administration and played on the men's tennis team.  He moved to Indianapolis in 2017.  He is a huge fan of tennis, and his favorite players are Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep.  In his spare time Paul likes to play tennis, golf, and watch sports.  Paul is married (Ketmany) and has two dogs: Lilly and Novy.

Favorite thing about working at IRC Team Sports:

"It is very rewarding to be able to contribute to the world of tennis.  I really enjoy working with people who are passionate about the sport."


Patty is a Carmel, Indiana native where she began playing tennis in middle school.   She attended IUPUI and lived in 4 different states before settling back in Indiana.  Patty has held many positions and worn many "hats" since joining IRC Team Sports in 2010.  She is outstanding as a sales rep and her customer service is second-to-none.  She has established many loyal customers who come to her season-after-season.   In her spare time Patty likes to ride bikes, swim, yoga, read, play bingo, and watch movies.   One of her most memorable moments was seeing Mother Teresa several years ago.

Favorite thing about working at IRC Team Sports:

"My favorite part of the day is speaking with the coaches and trying to help them find the best uniform for their team."


Pat Nickell  
  Team Sales Associate
 (317) 516-5604

Pat came to IRC Team Sports in November 2015 with a wealth of tennis experience and connections from his 20+ years of college coaching at all three NCAA levels (D1, D2, and D3).   He grew up in  Middletown, Ohio and attended University of Kentucky as an Economics major.  This explains why he is such a fan of big-blue-nation and Kentucky basketball.   He also supports the pro teams from his childhood state in the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Browns.   He likes to hike, read, swim, and listen to music in his spare time.  Pat is married (Lisa) and has 3 children: Garrett, Kelsie, and Elly.

Favorite thing about working at IRC Team Sports:

"The people!   It's a very friendly environment; great team environment, and I get to work with tennis people everyday."


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